June 28 - July 3


Welcome to BibleCampRocks.com, website of the Lutheran Brethren Pacific-North Bible Camp. Whether you like to camp or stay in a lodge, Bible Camp is a great place to spend a week of your summer. It is held at Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center in Stanwood, Washington during the last week of June each year.

The whole family is encouraged to take advantage of this time away from everyday life to experience God at camp. There are fun activities for all ages, including the SONrise (age 4-3rd grade), SURGE for 4th-6th grades, SONBURST for 7th-12th+, and a vibrant adult program.





BC $ Help Needed

Dear Campers and Supporters,

I am writing on behalf of the board of the PRN Family Bible Camp. This is not an easy letter for me to write because the purpose of the letter is to inform you of a significant financial shortfall that has occurred and to ask for help.

Bible Camp ended this year with a negative balance of $5,000.

As with most everything in our daily lives, the cost to run Bible Camp has risen significantly over the past several years. Despite this, the Board has made only minimal increases in the cost of attending camp each year. One way we have accomplished this has been by depending more upon the evening offerings to cover the difference between our costs and our registration fees. For many years God has faithfully met our need through the generous giving of our campers and supporters.

Unfortunately, this year, our offerings were significantly less than our need. This may be due to the fact that we did not clearly communicate the need to you, and so this letter is sent in the hopes that God will move individuals and congregations to make immediate contributions toward our shortfall.

Would you please consider making a special one-time gift right now? 
Contributions can be made online 

or by making a check out to 
CLB – PRN Bible Camp and mailing it to
P.O. Box 655, Fergus Falls, MN 56538-0655

We also acknowledge that our financial shortfall is partially due to falling enrollment at camp. Therefore, in addition to the immediate need of camp, we also want to encourage congregations to promote and utilize scholarship programs to assist in making camp more affordable for families and youth in need. Now may also be the time to encourage your church to include Bible Camp in your annual budget.  Regular support of the ministry by several churches would help bring long term financial health to Bible Camp and ensure its continued existence for years to come.

Bible Camp has been a rich blessing to campers for over 60 years. Let us pray together a prayer of thanksgiving for the many untold souls that have come to faith in Christ as a result of this important ministry and let us pray that God would preserve Bible Camp and enable it to continue to be a place where salvation and spiritual renewal are experienced for generations to come.


Chris Leingang 
Director, PRN Family Bible Camp

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